Saturday, May 19, 2012


November 4, 2008

i only planned on writing a status...but i couldn't fit it all...

all i can say.

is i hope that you all thought long and hard about this CHANGE that you wanted so badly for our country.
i suppose i didn't realize how annoying this would actually be.
and it's not about democrat or republican or black or white.
it's about his morals.
which are zilch.
and i know that this is controversial....but yunno what...everyone else can say what they think.
so i can too.
"to the glory of God" as Pincombe would say.

and speaking of Pincombe...he said it best.
"The way that you value life is the way that you will run our country..."
and when the fourth grade girl on my quiz team says...
"Obama throws babies in the trashcan..."

not looking good folks.

i would love to have an African American President. I would love to have a woman president.
but we sure did have sucky representatives for the first of either.

and how about when we think the republican wins...we have to count and recount and take it to court for like weeks and weeks and weeks....but when the African American DEMOCRAT wins we can figure that out in like 30 minutes. in fact we can figure it out before my vote is even counted....or half the country for that matter.
and i don't even care if it wouldn't have mattered.
it's the point.
every vote is supposed to count.
but i guess that's just the start of a lot more opinions that won't mean anything here either.

i just pray with all of my heart that God moves in that man's heart. and that by some miraculous move of God...this turns out better than it's looking like it will.

he is my leader. and i will pray for him faithfully and earnestly. i just hope that we really did all that we could to uphold AMERICAN standards....
AMERICA sir. that's where we live. and that's the flag that we pledge...and i just want it to stay that way.
it seems simple enough to ask, but unfortunately i'm not so sure of that. and that should not be a feeling that i have here in this great nation.

but God is in control. despite my emotions and my feelings and my wishes. His will is ALWAYS done and he always always knows the bigger picture. he will be glorified no matter what and He always uses the things that the enemy intends for evil for his good.

soooo i will be responsible in my faith and lift this man up in prayer.
forgive my human nature and my human worry taking over for a moment.


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