Saturday, May 19, 2012

prayer changes things....

November 5, 2008

hello again all. 

i would just like to say that writing that note last night was quite out of character for me. and actually, i am still scared when i get on facebook to see which friend i have newly offended. 

ha ha 

but at the same time, i think that it was good for me. i think so many times i hold back because i don't want to step on anyone's toes or hurt anyone's feelings. and that's not such a good thing all the time. yes we need to have tact, but we also need to speak our minds. and while it was a little risky, it is only facebook after all, and it was purely my opinion. 

however i would like to clarify a few things. 

#1 i don't know obama personally, and neither do any of you. nor do i know john mccain or sarah palin or any of the other super important people that hold leadership positions in our government for that matter. all that we say is simply based on outside influences and sources, it's all we've got. 

at the end of the day, where he stands with God and his heart is his business. 

and i have NO right to judge him. 

#2 i know that it is my responsiblity to pray for whoever governs our nation. the bible specifically tells me that i am to respect national authority because their authority comes from God. 

i am not necessarily saying that God chose this man to lead us or that he chose any of the men before him either. i am just saying, that as a people, no matter what religion you claim, we should be respectful of this man. that does not mean supporting and backing everything that he says and does, however it does require us to at least hear him out and to pray that God would guide him and give him wisdom and direction in leading our country. 

#3 we are all still american. that is the beauty of this country. it's something i have always loved about us. 

no where else can you become something. i could move to france, but no matter how long i lived there, i would always be american. i could move to china and become a citizen, but i would never become chineese. 

but when you come to america, you don't just reside here, you become a part. 

you become american. 

and no matter what opinion you hold, what accent you carry, the color of your skin, or the heritage that follows you, we all still hold that one thing in common at the end of every day.

we are privilaged and blessed enough to live in the greatest country on earth. the most blessed and prosperous nation. we can speak and worship and live freely and peacefully. 

and we should not forget that. even if we don't necessarily love the guy in the oval office or we aren't quite as financially comfortable as we used to be, or things just don't seem quite as certain, that still doesn't even hold a candle to what the rest of the world is facing and has been facing for, well, always. 

i know that i got a little hot tempered last night and that a little bit of my sarcasm kicked in, but i want you all to also hear the rational and loving side of rachel. 


no matter who is in the white house 
no matter how good my health care is 
no matter how wealthy i am or financially stable 
no matter what laws change 

becase in america, i can be who i want to be. 
who God created me to be. 
and despite all of those issues and debates, i can still serve Him. 

and i will still serve Him even if that law changes too. 
it's where i am from. 
it's my homeland. 
it is part of me. 

God bless America, and God bless Obama. 

and i mean that from the bottom of my heart. :)

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