Tuesday, May 14, 2013

S i m p l i c i t y 27 (Long Weekend Edition II)

Picking up where I left off with all the simply wonderful moments of my recent long weekend...

#17 I woke up early Sunday morning (seems to be becoming and accidental habit) ate breakfast and got dressed. Day after beach hair is the best! Sat outside of Starbucks with Lincoln in my lap, The Great Gatsby, and my first iced coffee of the season :)

#18 Another bright and sunny, clear blue sky day in Seattle! Took a walk downtown and did a little shopping. Major sundress sale at Old Navy! 

#19 Current hand soap in our bathroom is called Apricot Sunshine :)

#20 Monday I wore a brand new bright, yellow sundress that I got on sale at Old Navy. I wore matching bright yellow earrings and sparkly gold shoes AND my "Look on the Bright Side" bangle from Kate Spade as well as bow ring :) SO ready for summer :)

#21 Spent the day at an outdoor Starbucks with Lincoln, Anthony, and a great book. 

#22 I forgot (but then reminded myself) how wonderfully yummy Very Berry Hibiscus Refreshers are. They are really, well, refreshing :)

#23 Took a nap in the middle of the afternoon with the balcony door open in my new yellow sundress :)

So blessed and thankful to have had a little refresher time! Much needed and much appreciated! Make sure you take time to just relax and refresh and enjoy the simple things in life from time to time :) It does a person a whole lot of good :)

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