Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Life with Jesus

It's currently a gray, rainy Seattle Wednesday afternoon. I have made the second pot of coffee for the day (this time straight from Ethiopia) and the kids are snoozing away while I am relishing in the fact that I have a few spare moments to reflect on some things I have learned as of late :) Of course there is Lincoln and his todlerness to deal with, but alas 1/3 is not so bad!

Last night at Transit we came across a scripture in our study of John that I just LOVE. It's one of those ones that you always forget to jot down, and you don't quite have it on file in your memory, but every time you come across it again it just speaks to you in a fresh of those. (Is that just me!?)

Anyways. This is what I walked away with and it's certainly making the "favorite board" in my room this time! It's a little verse tucked into the story of the Triumphal Entry. I should note here though, that only Luke's Gospel puts it in exactly these words.

"So those who were sent left and found it just as He had told them."
-Luke 19:32

I think more often than not, when I read stories in the Gospels I tend to be pretty hard on the disciples. I just find it so hard to believe that they could not see it all! After walking and eating and doing life with Jesus for so long, how could they still be confused? 

But this verse-this moment speaks volumes!

They were confused, they didn't understand what He was asking of them and so many other things, 
They were still obedient. They still followed and did just as He had instructed. 

So they were human. They could not always grasp or understand what Jesus was saying or asking of them, but their confusion or inability to understand never kept them from obeying Him and following Him (even to death) anyways. Because they did walk with Him and spend time with Him and know Him, they could follow and obey in spite of all else. 

And because of their willingness to follow and obey and trust when they understood or didn't, He was faithful to provide and to come through just as He had said He would. 

This is life with Jesus!

This is what walking with Him looks like. Rarely do I fully understand what You are saying to me or asking of me or why. Often it seems crazy and strange and I can't see at all or much of what you are doing...But you ask me to follow and obey and trust you anyways. Of course that's not always very easy, but I have seen over and over again that when I am faithful to obey in spite of my understanding and go wherever You lead and do all that You ask of me, You are always faithful to provide and to make things just as You have promised they would be. 

I want always to live my life like this; with Jesus. Human and fleshly and often a failure, but determined always to obey in spite of all else. 

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