Friday, September 28, 2012

Mug Swap (like a gazillion years ago...)

Hello lovelies...

So, I am finally posting my little ditty from the mug swap. Not that I am making excuses...but I am making excuses....

#1 I was moving during the mug swap so my darling person had the wrong address and I had to wait for it to get forwarded to my new place.

#2 I was moving during the mug swap and I misplaced my camera charger and couldn't figure out how to upload a picture.

#3 I was moving during the mug swap and didn't/STILL don't have internet at my place to do anything to my blog.

...basically I was moving during the mug swap.

SO, I finally got my fun little surprise in the mail this week and I adored it and used it like 3 times the first day I had it. It was just an excuse to drink more coffee. Tabi couldn't have got it more right! Also what I realized from this little thing is that it's super crazy what people can figure out about you just from your social media...c r a z y ! Can't wait to learn more about Tabi and keep up with her blog at !

Here it is!

She sent me a fun little coffee cozy! It's a pretty green and the little button sort of looks like a tree....which I LOVE! Said she thought it would keep me warm in chilly Seattle :)

Fun little notes she sent along :)

I didn't waste ANY time putting it to good use!

Her fun surprise inspired my very fallish/Seattle-ish attire for the day :)

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  1. Awww it is so cute! I love it! She definitely did get it right. The button completely makes that little guy. :)