Monday, July 9, 2012

Pinterest Successes Lately...

Hello friends!

I know that it's been FAR too long since I last wrote and my dear friend Dalayna Dillon is probably having a cow about it. But, I am actually on vaca in my hometown in Ohio for the week and so I am trying to soak all of that up. I suppose though it is a great time to catch up on all the blogging I've been meaning to do and just haven't gotten around to.

So, lately I tried out a few things that I had pinned on Pinterest and thought they were wonderful enough to share with you. I was pleasantly surprised since I tend to be a cynic.

#1 Beach Waves Spray

I came across this fun little trick a couple of weeks ago. I've been doing the hippie hair thing and embracing my long, undone hair out on the west coast. I absolutely LOVE the way that my hair looks, feels, and smells when I leave the pool or beach and I am always searching for a way to recreate those lovely beachy waves....I am here to tell you that I have found the way! And it's SO simple!

All I did was purchase a spray bottle, add some warm water, some coconut oil, a bottle of hair gel, and the sea salt I already had in my cupboard from some other pinterest projects a few months back. The coconut oil I must admit was a little pricey...however I didn't have to use much of it and it's apparently useful for LOTS of things and I am looking forward to trying more things with it. Anyways. I mixed it up and sprayed away and these were the lovely beach waves I ended up with. Quick, easy, and really pretty!

Just a couple of needs to be warm. And when it sits in your cupboard between uses it will clump up since the salt doesn't stay dissolved....just stick it in the microwave for about 15 seconds before using and it's as good as new :) Also, the salt tends to spray a lot and sort of smudge your mirror and leave counters a little grimy, just use good aim. AND, don't be afraid to spray generously. I was surprised to see that no matter how much I used my hair didn't get yucky looking! 

#2 GM Diet/Cleanse the month of May I had lots of visitors in Seattle. It was WONDERFUL to say the least. However, visitors want to see and experience the city...including the food. This resulted in an entire month of me not being so careful with my eating habits. Discipline was out the window in the name of friends! I told myself lots of things like "Well...because Dalayna is here..." a few too many times ha ha. Not to mention I have been stuck at the same weight for SO long and it doesn't seem to matter what I do I can't move from that silly number that I have come to hate. This has sort of left me frustrated and so I haven't paid attention to my eating because it hasn't seemed to matter. 

I started looking for a good, healthy, manageable cleanse. I just needed to get myself back on track and motivated a little. But, I didn't want one where I had to purchase some sort of supplement or program materials and I also wanted to eat. I finally came across this cleanse on Pinterest and decided to read about it. 

The GM diet is the one I discovered. Just a lot of food, as much as you want actually, but simply according to their plan. I could eat endless amounts of fruits veggies and even some lean meats just on certain days. I also had to drink a heck ton of water. They guaranteed for you to lose 10-17 pounds...YEAH RIGHT! 

BUT IT WORKED! I am such a skeptic. These things never work for me...but this one actually did! For one week I did what they said and in the end I was 20....YES 20 pounds lighter! Now, of course I put half of that back on once I was eating normally but healthy again...but still it was 10 pounds to the good. I'll take it! It was a little challenging but I felt so much better and lighter in the end. I mean how gross that I had that much yucky stuff inside of me! Nice to know I have this little guy in my tool belt to whip out when I need him! I would not recommend doing it on a regular basis, although it is find health wise...I just can't imagine why you or I would want to eat bananas and milk every Wednesday...

So, I don't have like a before and after shot...but BELIEVE ME! I look and feel thinner and healthier. SO worth trying!

#3 A Twist on the Everyday Pony

So, while I have been growing out my hair and being a nanny and such...pony tails have become near and dear to my heart. It's just nice to get that hair out of my face sometimes...but I just don't always want that dull old fashioned slick backed pony. I came across this fun idea on Pinterest and was excited to rediscover this look.

I don't even do everything she does in this little blog. I just do the first step actually. I swoop my hair back into a lose, medium high pony and then pull it through l little hole I make. Instant twist on the usual boring pony. Funny, my mom used to have a special tool for doing this to my hair back in the day....she did this too my hair ALL the time. Bringing back the preschool hair and I like it :)

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  1. Oh my gosh, your hair looks SO great. I'll need to try that beach wave spray.

    Hope you're having a great vacay!