Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Letters (I)

Dear Friday, 
I really wish you would have come SO much sooner...I've been dying to see you all week! Dear children that I nanny...I ADORE you, but Friday has finally arrived to relieve me. Dear America, happy almost 236th birthday...geesh old gal you are getting OLD! Dear Ohio, I am headed your way SO soon but not quite soon enough for my liking...I never really thought I would say that! Could you please stay nice and hot and dry until I come and leave? Dear Seattle, could you please stop toying with my emotions. I would just rather have rain than for you to constantly tease me with little peeks of sunshine! Dear shorts and sundresses, I have not forgotten you, Seattle just refuses to provide the appropriate weather to let me use you...but not to worry I have lovely plans for you :) Dear downtown, we WILL meet this weekend for a little shopping and a ride on the new Water Front Ferris Wheel!

Love being a part of this fun little Friday tradition! Happy Friday world!


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