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Olympic Moments (reflections on an old post...)

August 10, 2008

This is a post that I wrote a few years back...actually 4 years ago to be precise because it was the last time the Olympics were on...As I was watching again today, I was reminded of this post and it brought a few tears to my eyes. I decided it was worth posting one more time :) Hope you enjoy a little revelation from my 20-year-old self!

I haven't really gotten into the olympics since 1996 when I was in the second grade and absolutely obsessed with the women's gymnastics...especially Shannon Miller. And I am not kidding when I say obsessed. I had outfits out of her catalog, my friend and I set up a gym in her basement and held our own events, and we even convinced our parents to take us to Cleveland to see the magnificent 7 for our birthdays...

It was the exccitment...that feeling of pride and honor and unity...you don't even know them but you are rooting for them more than you have ever rooted for anyone. It's those moments when everyone is thinking that it's impossible...but at the same time they just know that somehow it will happen because it's the olympics...and miracles are just the norm there. And people fight with everything in them! they don't know how it's going to happen and all of the odds are against them....but they just get that look in their eyes and we never doubt!

And that's why i love the Olympics! Because no matter how torn apart this world may be and no matter how often we can't see eye to eye, for a few weeks we all come together in one place. And even when our team isn't winning, we're usually still happy for the team who did. Because they deserve it and we recognize it and we just love the energy!

Tonight i was watching swimming which is my new Olympic addiction. I just kept thinking, I wish I could be there, I wish I could have a moment like that. And as I walked into my room and hung up my black and white polka dotted dress (that i got for 70% off at Khols)...I realized that I didn't need to go to the Olympics to have one of those moments...none of us do!

We all have had them. Whether it's touching the edge of the pool hundreths of seconds ahead of someone or acing an exam or beating cancer or walking down the center isle of the church you've grown up in while everyone who's been a part of your life for so long stands to their feet....they all count. They're our own individual Olympic moments.

While I may never feel at home in an Olympic sized pool and while I can't even balance on level ground let alone an Olympic balance beam....I feel right at home in my church. It's where I love to be. Where I excel and where most of my Olympic moments occur.

Real Olympic moments...I mean the ones that actually happen at the Olympics, are only real ones because that's where those people feel most at home and that's the arena their moments happen in.

But whether or not the whole world is watching doesn't matter...all that matters is the feeling inside in that moment.

So, I'll never hear my national anthem played as I stand on a podium with a gold medalion hanging from my neck....

But I have felt the beautiful energy of a room full of people I love and look up to and I have stood on some beat up church steps with JBQ gold dangling proudly from my sixth grade neck. and I have walked triumphantly down the hallway clinging to my unbelievable  A+ like it might go away....

And so have you...well you know what I mean.

All I am saying is that God has put blessing and favor on each and every one of our lives. He has given all of us Olympic moments...those moments that will always be etched in our inner most beings.
And rather than wishing we could live someone elses' moments...maybe we should step back and recognize our own...and make sure we soak them up in the future. 

Winning yet ANOTHER gold. 

Landing a vault with an injured ankle

My own moment

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