Saturday, May 19, 2012

someone pinch me please....

December 26, 2008

Have you ever accidentally taken one of those extremely long naps and woke up what seems like days later in a complete state of delerium... 

here i am. 

completely delerious. 

i was feeling tired around 5, so i curled up in my warm comfy bed to catch a few z's 

before i knew it, it was 8:30! 

and boy had i been dreaming. 

now while i can't disclose what i dreamt, i can say this. it worried me. 

i mean aren't dreams supposed to be an outpouring of your subconcious. 

think about that for a second. 

i can tell you. i had no idea that what i dreamt was anywhere fathomable when i am in my right mind, let alone what i am wishing or thinking in my subconcious ha ha 

i'm just saying. hopefully that whole thing is a myth. 

but as i slowly woke up. rubbed my eyes and my head, blinked until my contacts were no longer stuck to my eyelids, and figured out what year it was, everything was new to me. 

i go to central bible college in springfiled missouri...woa! 
i am 20 years old...and it's almost 2009! 

i know right? 
i am lame...but if you have ever had one of these naps that i speak would not be making fun! 

it just made me appreciate my life a lot more...the beautiful place God has brought me too, and it made me think about and consider some things...or at least check myself (ha ha) and my subconcious. 

i suppose the point of this note...there really wasn't one... 

except to hope that SOMEONE out there can relate...and to recomend you catch some good z's today or sometime soon. 

believe me...they make for an interesting evening :) 

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