Saturday, May 19, 2012

s i m p l i c i t y

July 25, 2009

so a while back i wrote a note about how we should be recognizing and appreciating the simple beauties in every day life.
and i think that i am getting better at this.
the lord has really done a lot of work in me...
but i wanted to try a little something to really put this into practice.
so every day, i am going to find just a few little things that were wonderful about the day.
not even the big things, just little things that were beautiful even if the rest of the day was generally awful.
and then i want you to respond... with comments or your own notes or wall posts... just do the same.
find something small that was just a bright spot in the day.
sound good?
hopefully we can all be encouraged by each other...
at least that's the plan

i'll go first!

1. yesterday i used this yogurt hand soap.
i know right!
it was just foamy soap in my friend's kitchen, but it was wonderful. it smelled great and it was super duper smooth and soft.. and well i washed my hands A LOT.
it kind of made my day :)

2. i got to bake a cake.
i love to bake cakes... and there were sprinkles!

3. oh and today is $1 cone day at handles ice cream!
did i mention that they have the best ice cream in the whole world??

4. i get to see my wonderful fantastic cbc family in... count them... 21 days!!!!!!

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