Saturday, May 19, 2012

s i m p l i c i t y (24) v-day edition

February 13, 2012

so. it's the eve of vanlentine's day 2012...

girls are trying with all of their might to hold out one more day...ready to burst if they don't find out the surprises their boos are planning....guys are nervously making sure that details are in place for their extravagant surprises and some are perfecting proposal speeches....little ones are finishing up their valentine's day boxes and making valentines for everyone in their class...some people they don't even talk to...

we all know the drill haha

all of those things are lovely :) this is by no means a valentine's day bashing's rather one of my little attempts to once again see the many bright sides of celebrating this holiday alone and to help you do the same...well i mean if that's the case for you hehe and even if it's not, i think you should still have some special you time on v-day anyways :)

#1 i can buy myself flowers. i LOVE buying myself flowers and it's even better when i have an excuse to buy them and to spend more money on them than i should :) this also means i can pick them out :)

#2 i don't have to feel sad about the fact that transit falls on a tuesday night which is also valentine's day and wonder when i will plan a "make up date" haha

#3 i can still talk about how gross boys are ;)

#4 i can spend my entire valentine's day with jesus. 

#5 i can spend time wondering about my "prince charming" and where he will come from, where he is now, how i will meet him...all sorts of fun things to wonder!

#6 i can wear sweats ALL day if i fancy dinner for me!

#7 i can dress in the most ridiculously childish valentine's day outfit ever...and perhaps even match the 2 year old that i nanny for...what?

#8 i can call all of my lovely friends and see all of the fun things that happened to them on valentine's day

#9 i can......let myself eat an entire reeses heart..and not just half like i usually do to make myself feel better haha

#10 i still get adorable cards from my family with money inside to treat myself to whatever i want...this is probably because they know i won't be getting anything else...which i like because then collectively i get more :) haha not greedy i promise but it really does work out in my favor...

#11 my family can worry for another year that i am going to turn into a crazy cat lady...and i can just laugh at them and let them be afraid. 

#12 i can plan book writing and african living with my dear friend dalayna :)

#13 i can be a crazy cat lady and stay on facebook in my sweats and count how many people get engaged each hour

#14 i can try to make all of the sad lonely people i pass on the street smile and then direct them to this note :)

alright. well i feel like in honor of vday i should end with 14. i'm probably stretching it now anyways. but for real. this holiday is one of my favorites with someone or alone! it's so fun to share with ANYONE you love...friends, families, "boos" (that word just makes me chuckle) and even those cats :) 

much love and happy heart day :)

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