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Loving people like Jesus

March 20, 2012

SO...I wroe this on my tumblr a while back and when I went to write a new blog today I reread this one and it still spoke to me a lot. I thought I would reshare it :) 
I think this blog will be one of my simplest…and by that I mean one of very few words. 
For once, I don’t have all that much to say or share, just a thought that has been challenging me lately. 
It’s such a simple concept, but one that can change your life if you let it sink it. It just came to me the other day as I was walking home from work…
Sometimes I feel as though my greatest weakness and my greatest strength are the same thing, and that is that I put my WHOLE heart into everything. When it comes to tasks…that philosophy never lets me down, but when it comes to people…I find myself hurt quite a bit. I started wondering if there was something wrong with the way that I approach my relationships, and this is the conclusion I reached. 
For some reason, I have this ability to believe so much better about people than they believe about themselves. Often times to my fault. And a lot of times I feel silly because to anyone else I just seem crazy and careless with my heart. I can look at them and see the most amazing person, and even when they “epically fail me” somehow I can clear my head, sort through my hurt, and come right back to try again. This seems somewhat foolish when I really think about it; however, after careful consideration, I’ve decided I’m never going to stop living this way. 
And this is why…
Let me sum it up in this tweet that I posted just a few days ago…
“Love people for who they’ve been, who they are, and mostly for everything they are going to be, even when it hurts you. The way Jesus loves you.”
There really isn’t much to expound on here. Jesus loved me before I even knew him or recognized I needed him. Jesus loved me before I was even thought of. Jesus loved me when I was lost and wicked and so sinful. 
Jesus loves me now. Exactly where I am. Flighty, still sinful, and still having so much to learn. 
But always Jesus has loved me for who I am going to be. Jesus was able to love me so easily when I was a lost, awful sinner, and he can smile at the mess I am now with love because he knows and loves the person he is sure I am going to become. He has always seen the end result and always kept it in mind when I may have been, or rather am, difficult to love. 
Jesus has never once quit on me. No matter how many times I have hurt him or walked out on him or disobeyed him, he continuously and faithfully gives me another chance…because he can see the end result and he knows that I am capable of so much more! I am so thankful that Jesus never once quit on me when so many times I have wanted to quit on myself. 
Be Jesus for someone else. Decide to see what he sees. Love their past and love them where they are, but ALWAYS remember to look deep inside of them and see everything that they are going to be. How much easier would it be to love people if we would love them with that perspective!? If I can focus on helping people become everything that Jesus created them to be, well then I am much less likely to get caught up on who they have been or even who they are currently. 
Does this hurt sometimes…? Absolutely! But challenge yourself to look past the present situation or hurt to all that will come of it down the road. 
While Jesus was hanging on a cross, the ultimate picture of love was captured. He died a painful death because of who we had been, and because of who we were…sinful humanity…but what kept Jesus hanging on that cross was the beautiful thought of the relationships he could have with us…the people that we were going to be.

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