Saturday, May 19, 2012

...on the road in a f r i c a (day 6)

July 9, 2009

we overslept.
let's just say that we have gotten this morning routine down to a science considering this happens often.
but by the grace of God we always make it on time-african time anyways.
my band director used to say...
"if you're early you're on time, if you're on time you're late, and if you're late, you're dead."
those rules don't apply here or else all of africa would be extinct.
so i had some last minute plan for organizing my chapel "sermon" i wrote it all down which was of course silly since i never look down once i get up there. i'm not really sure why i write it all down-wastes time and paper which at this point are both lacking. instead of one of my jumbo journals, i brought this one that i have been wanting to use on a cool trip. ironically it's the eifel tower which i was saving for my first time to paris, but it was pretty and small. i should have known a first trip to africa would require a years worth of paper at the rate that i journal. but i am writing as small as possible and using every nook and cranny on each and every page. just trying to make it.
one more speaking engagement will be the end of me...and my journal ha ha.
so i kind of just talked to them. from one bible college student to another. shared things that i struggle with and how the lord has encouraged me. a little of my testimony and journey. i just know where they are and it was a blessing to kind of look in the mirror and remind myself.
then we headed out with auntie maureen to finalize all of the school assembly and weekend ministry plans.
she's so much fun! she locked herself out of her house and she had a cake baking. so we had to call a bunch of people to find a key. but in the meantime, mark broke into her house because he says that's something every youth pastor should know how to do. just let that soak in ha ha. but the reward was a wonderful amazing piece of auntie maureen's zambian fruit cake! yum.
then it was back to work. we had lunch and talked with some of the students. caught a quick-very quick nap. we got ready to help mark in the field again. but then we ended up searching for human videos for kids camp and running errands with kim. by the time we got back it was getting late. so we walked over to the field but mark said to work on the poster boards for the assembly. so we made them beautifully and colored them. gosh i love coloring ha ha.
then to dinner with kim.
that was an interesting place. i thought the chairs were going to eat me ha ha
then we sat down and tried to figure out a plan for tomorrow. i learned a new trick...and i am not very good at it. but anything to avoid nuggat ha ha.

talk about feeling at home here.
in the store we ran into 3 people we knew! you know it's a small town when you've been here for 3 days and you already know people in the super spar.
so i'm up to four languages now.
i know some otjivambo, otjiherero, afrikaans, and today isaach taught me some damara which i would write but there are clicks and stuff...
so tomorrow we are going to dinner with mark and victoria turney but we ate at every restaurant in town so i requested the place with the veggie platter again! yum.
so after some funny youtube videos we are heading to bed. early morning and fun day ahead. God is so god.
africa es muy

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