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...on the road in a f r i c a (day 5)

July 8, 2009

so we almost died again this morning.
that makes 4 near-death experiences.
perhaps that a slightly dramatic way to put it, but i'm not a big risk taker, so it's closer than i've ever been ha ha.
anyways, we woke up in nice warm beds in the beautiful bible college dorm rooms, got ready and headed to mark and kim's for breakfast.
kim was scurrying around trying to finalize her illustration for her sermon in the chapel. she asked mark to turn the stove on.
he did.
well a few minutes later something really stinks.
then he's toasting bread and he thinks it's the toaster.
but then i realize it's gas coming out of the gas stove that mark turned on and never lit.
so we hurried and turned it all off and opened all the windows... ha ha tia
kimpossible took care of all that and somehow managed to have her pizza ready for chapel.
she used this really cool pizza illustration. the pizza is what God wants us to become and what he has created us to be. and he has to put all of the ingredients in before we can become that. and when we are saved we become that clump of dough that he is constantly stretching and pulling and growing.
can you tell she's a kid person too?
so then becky and i went with mark and maureen (the local children's pastor) to talk with some school principals about having some school assemblies. this was after tea time at the bible college with homemade namibian scones! anyways. the principal said she would love to have us but because of some terrible things that had happened last year, we had to go to higher authority to get permission. apparently some men had come in and done a program posing as missionaries. and they invited some girls to a camp that they said lots of kids were coming to. but when the girls got there it was just them. terrible.
so we went to the board of education and because maureen was friends with them, we got into the school for the end of that week no problem... God is so good!
then we went to eat lunch on campus with the navigators, another team here from the states. one of the just happened to be from pittsburgh and he goes to school in cinci! small world right! there went kim trying to marry me off again ha ha. she just doesn't want me leaving africa clearly.
ten the hard work began. we changed and sunscreened. time to clear the field for kids camp. we went with kim to get supplies while mark found the "tools to hoe the ground" ha ha that's a funny story. we worked scraping lose grass while mark flattened it all out with the bobcat. we had to wear dust masks but it was nice to get some sun finally!
then we cleaned up for dinner. my black converse are now brown. i'll have you know and i had to scrape the dirt off of my body at the end of the day ha ha.
we went to another super fancy restaurant. it was sooo good and full of german people as usual. mark taught us a napkin trick which is cool but requires cloth napkins which you only find in fancy places which is the one place you shouldn't be doing the trick ha ha oh the irony. i had this amazing vegetarian platter! it was a plate of vegetables....carrots and broccoli and spinach and cheese and potato and these pumpkin fritters.... i don't know how you make a plate of veggies that amazing but they did!
then back to campus to watch a movie kim has been wanting us to see, bride and prejudice (the indian version of pride and prejudice) it was funny-hilarious actually. just normal cheesy until a gospel choir just appeared on the beach right as they were about to kiss ha ha.
and we discovered internet connection in the flat! i finished writing out all of the postcards! miracle in itself.

i love the gardners and this country and these people. i just feel so a home. it's going to be hard leaving. but then i think about my family and i can't wait to see them and show them all of these things that i have learned and captured. and then my cbc family! my girls, my class, my best friends and how close i am to them.
gosh i always miss someone! the hardest part of ministry for me by far! leaving people. but i'm just so thankful to have so many people to love.
i'm speaking tomorrow in chapel. i'm not quite sure about what. i just want to share from my heart, one student to another. to encourage and relate to them. isn't that what it's all about?

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