Saturday, May 19, 2012

i'm such a pushover...

February 3, 2009
(response to some random questionnaire thingy majig...)

1. i love to vacuum.

2. i want to open a girls home in zimbabwe and let the girls paint the rooms whatever colors they choose.

3. when i painted my room pink a couple years ago... i realized that i love yellow and was attached to it so much that i made my dad leave the inside of my closet yellow.

4. i really like collecting strange earings (green giraffes, double decker buses, etc.)

5. my eyes get bluer when i cry.

6. when i was little i was obsessed with the wizard of oz and i had a dorothy outfit that i wore every day i was running from the flying monkeys and i fell and cut my eye open on the basket and i still have a scar to this day.

7. i really like maps and elephants

8. i have a really bad habit of looking and acting like a mom sometimes.

9. i wore a pretty intense headgear that ran horizontally on my face and had giant purple pads on my chin and forehead....just try to visualize...o not to mention the braces that i wore for 5 years.

10. i was the prom queen

11. i was president of the marching band (i really like to put those next to each other just because it cracks me up....go ahead laugh. )

12. i have a fear of falling...not of heights...only if i can fall off.

13. my favorite day of the year is september 17. i really have no idea why.

14. one time when i was little and that farting goop stuff was all the rage...i fell alseep with it and it got stuck to my head and i got stuck to my bed

15. my favorite sub from subway is tuna on honey wheat with spinach leaves, tomatoes and a little bit of ranch dressing. one time they were out of tuna...i didn't know what to do.

16. my two favorite things are umbrellas and hot air balloons.

17. my parents were told they would never have kids. they tried for 8 years. then all of a sudden.
well you know the story.
i'm also the ONLY that tells you what kind of child i was...ha ha

18. over the summer i forced myself to like oatmeal and yogurt..i am still working on the yogurt but i could eat oatmeal for every meal of every day...i also really like honey and i put it here because i was afraid that i would run out of numbers for it...but really honey is amazing.

19. i love rain. the smell of it...playing in it....the sound of favorite is thunderstorms in the summer when you can lay in bed and hear them out the window and feel the mist coming through the screen.

20. i'm one in a million.
let me explain.
i can't feel the bottom left part of my face...chin...teeth...or lip. i had my wisdom teeth taken out 3 years ago and i never got the feeling back. i signed a paper that said there was a one in a million chance of that happening....looks like i'm it!
but you can take it for what you will....

21. hate cats...and anything that drools or smells really.

22. i am very attached to my jewelry. once i find something or get something that means a lot to me or holds some kind of meaning or sentimental value...i wear it every day....but this is hard for me because there is so much jewelry that i like. but i am faithful to the most important pieces ha ha

23. one time i was taking a christmas present to my friend before an orchestra friend jesika was playing a sr. solo so there were balloons in the car. on the way back, the balloons got in my way and i ran over a curb...almost into a telephone pole...and my hubcap flew off. my friend collin told me this when we got back to the school. so we got in the car and drove down the road looking for it. i found it and then proceeded to run across the street in my maroon polyester tent like uniform to retrieve my hubcap. i don't think my parents ever actually knew what happened...but i am still missing it. despite my would never stay on again.

24. sometimes i wake up and don't like any of the jewelery that i see or it just doesn't i always have beads laying around and i just make something new.

25. i wish i were a disney princess. cinderella to be exact. 

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