Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Cosas as of Late

That's where I live.
Somewhere in between Spanish and English
Between American and Mexican.
Never quite knowing what will fall out when I open my mouth.
A Spanish word?
An English word?
A strange mixture of a little bit of both?
An awful distortion of one or the other?

It's that time again.
When I just want to eat jello all the time.
When I wake up.
After school.
Before bed.
When I choose to ignore that jello is made from crushed up animal bones.
For a little while.
Jesika Barvitski told me that once when she decided to be vegan on an orchestra trip.

The afternoon sun is getting hotter.
Which somehow makes the mornings colder.
Which undoubtedly makes getting dressed in the morning close to impossible.
Exhausting. Confusing.
Enough to make me want to go back to bed and deal with the weather and clothing another time.
And it's not even May yet...

Lincoln got a haircut.
I realize he'll probably only get one more whilst we live in Mexico.
Where has two years even gone?

I think I'm going to really love March.
My nephew will be born.
Middle name Stone.
I love that.
Also, there are so may possibilities that he could be born on a completely prime date.
Which is simply wonderful.
Good month.
Good year.

My house smells like fresh bamboo.
Sort of neutral.
Not too cinnamon, not too floral.
Somewhere just between winter and spring.
If that place even exists here in GDL.

And since when was everyone born in February anyways!?
I've never baked more birthday cakes, thrown more parties, or posted more birthday pictures in my life it seems. Or perhaps I just like the children of February more than most this year.

There's still a pink, dollar store Santa on my end table from a Happy Hipster Christmas that never happened.
I did get a deliciously free latte out of that canceled party. So. No complaints.

I've been strangely obsessed with everything OJ Simpson as of late.
I don't know if me being enthralled by the hot mess all of that was and watching every series about it ever (even though I'm totally NOT on his side) means I've been OJ'd.
Things to consider.

Killing the Oscars nominations this year.
I've made it all the way to animated and documentary.
That's a big deal in case you didn't know.
I'm so taking home that fake, sparkle foam Oscar.

I've had bangs for over a year now.
I can't decide if I'll let them stick around or let that friendship fade out.

I again ran out of gas at an inopportune time.
It is my curse here.
Birthday brunches
10 teenagers attempting to create homemade pizza on a Friday afternoon.
It's whatever.

Essential Oils have been saving my life.
I've officially made it almost a year with no antibiotics and no doctors visits.
Or Farmacias for that matter.
And believe me.
I've had reasons for all of the above.
I'm pretty stoked to be one step closer to complete hippie-ness
My inner Phoebe is thrilled. Monica still has the verdict out.

Humanity strikes again.
Teenagers are making me crazy.
Again begging Jesus to help me see and love as He does.
Seems impossible when I'm looking into eyes that surely are going to roll into the back of a skull.
But love I must.
Give grace.
Have patience.
Seek to understand.
Stay calm.
Stay kind.
Offer all of it though undeserved.
As Christ does for me on a momentary basis.

At this point I'm rambling to avoid grading papers.
And really, what else is left to say?

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