Sunday, April 17, 2016


Because sometimes you arrive at Sunday morning and realize over the weekend's ninth cup of coffee what a fantastic weekend it has actually been. And you cannot resist sharing.

This weekend I...

#1 Capped off Friday with a long, evening walk with my puppy and my dear friend. These long walks have become our tradition. We love them because we think and we laugh and we process and because we fit in a good workout while being friends...also we tire Lincoln out after he has been cooped up all day and that's not such a bad thing either. This particular walk we decided to end with authentic tacos from our local taco stand. PERFECT start to the weekend.

#2 Saturday began with no alarm. Always the best way to begin a weekend. No time crunches. I laid in bed for a long while with my little puppy who enjoys sleeping in as much as I do. My room was the perfect amount of cool (which is a win in itself considering how insanely hot and suffocating it has been here lately.) I had eggs, and quinoa, and fresh melon for breakfast and of course coffee. The first pot for the day (of coffee that is.) I should mention also, I have been doing this new thing with my eggs and eating them somewhere between scrambled and fried. I start cooking them as fried eggs and then scramble them in the skillet at the last second. I guess you could call them frambled...but they are my new favorite kind of eggs. ALSO I whipped some pumpkin (compliments of the ever amazing Mike and Janie Holtz hand delivered in a suitcase across the border) and garlic into my quinoa for a fantastic breakfast side. And of course I ate it all up while watching season 2 of "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" on Netflix."

And this was only Saturday morning see what I am saying!?

#3 My friend Jacque and I embarked on our second long walk of the weekend to venture to our friend Anna's bizzare. She is leaving GDL this summer (believe me we are sad about that) but pretty thrilled that she decided to sell us a bunch of her stuff. When I say that Anna's taste is on point and that she inspires me daily...I am not exaggerating. She is like who I want to be when I grow up. So. It was much fun wandering around her darling little house, trying on dresses, and adopting new treasures as my own. Especially because every time I wear them, I will remember sweet and sassy Anna. Those are the best kinds of treasures. I left with a darling yellow dress drenched in flowers and a fun boho number that is a bit exploratory for me. And a darling little elephant to add to my collection.

#4 We collected a couple of friends and began our long walk back. I stopped to buy fresh flowers but the man didn't have change for my large bill. But not to worry, I settled for a cup of fresh fruit instead. A mix of mango, watermelon, and pineapple. Perfect afternoon pick me up.

#5 I decided to walk the route that would take me past my favorite little garden shop. I love the charming little corner shop with the ivy growing all over and the magical lights strung around. And the people are precious and so patient with my awful Spanish. I decided to reward myself for keeping last month's plant purchases alive. I found a new little splash of green for my window that also purifies the air and also added a violet to my collection. The best part is, they couldn't tell me what color the flower would be on the violet, so basically I bought myself a surprise. And all for $100 (pesos)

#6 Somehow bringing some fresh green things into my space inspired me to get my weekend cleaning done. There is just something about being able to enjoy a fresh, clean space on the weekends. I love waking up to a fresh pot of a coffee and a stress free environment. I even got out the Honolulu Sun room spray. Oh yes. I went all out.

#7 Not to mention it was a cloudy, cool day. It has been nothing less than 90 around here lately from sun up (actually a little before) to sun down with a relentless, scorching sun. So. It was a nice breath of fresh air to live beneath the clouds for a day.

#8 When I had changed the sheets and swept the floors for the last time (you would not believe the dust around here) I figured it was Saturday and only 2PM and I was totally entitled to make another pot of coffee. Somehow it felt criminal to not. So I did. And I drank it and I watched more Kimmy Schmidt.

#9 Have I mentioned Kimmy yet...the second season of "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" just happened to break loose on Netflix this past Friday. It's funnier and more ridiculous than ever. I adore it because the writers (Tina Fey) are not afraid to laugh at who we are as a culture. Episode #6 includes a good sessions of making fun of hipsters from Austen and the humor was certainly not wasted on me.

#10 Around 4 I walked to meet up with my Australian friend Jos to plan her hubby's birthday party. She doesn't really get into party planning much and thus she recruited me. AND the coolest part is that it's a South African themed party since that is Ryan's homeland. Yes please. Of course the party shop was closed at 4PM on Saturday afternoon and the next "closest" according to the drug store lady was in fact not close at all. Thus. We settled for a nice, long chat on a bench in the main glorieta and some peach iced tea. Sometimes failed plans are the best kind.

#11 I then began yet another long walk to share dinner and plan a May trip to the beach with my friend Nikki Bacon. Believe me when I say it's way more fun to say her full name. She made pasta and I let myself eat bread with butter and the top layer of a sugared donut while we dreamed about escaping to Syulita after draining, exhausting May. Then we watched a very, VERY scary movie. Because why not.

#12 I finished the evening with some Kimmy Schmidt and Lincoln and fell asleep to Coldplay on Spotify.

#13 Sunday began in a non-alarming sort of way also. Laid in the cool sheets until I felt like not laying in them anymore. Facetimed my mom and sent her on a mission to scavenge the new Markimekko line at Target. I laughed so hard as she tried to work the camera flip to show me all of the things. I added a new kite to my life and I cannot wait to fly it on Kite Hill in my most favorite city. More reasons to move back home.

#14 And this. As I was exploring Target online, this beautiful message popped up. I'm just gonna leave this here and leave my reaction to your imagination.

#15 Also. Durazno y flora de peonia detergent. (Peach and peony) Laundry done.

#16 And time to blog. Because that's what Sundays are for.

Hope you had some #weekendwins as well. And if you did, please share!

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